Mehandor Patriarch

“Let’s seal this bargain with a stiff drink!”

Shown is a Mehandor patriarch. In the universe of Perry Rhodan, the long running german science fiction series of novels, the Mehandor are a species of interstellar merchants that had a monopoly on trade in the milky way galaxy for a long time. As the Aras they share a common ancestry with the Terrans and some other humanoid species in the galaxy (they all decended from the Lemurians, being the first advanced civilization on Earth, some 50000 years ago).

Mehandor are quite big and sturdy, most of them have hair in some shade of red and they love to wear it and their beards long and in braids. The galactic merchants do live in clans, mostly on their families cylinder-shaped ships and only seldom planetside.

Be careful if you try to trade with them, as they drive a hard bargain.

Done in DAZ Studio with iRay and some postwork in Photoshop.